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Let's Start The Hair Manifestation"

We are so happy at VISIT to now be stocking the latest product from ALFAPARF Milano called "That's it".

A unique line of products for blonde, grey or white hair, described as "a new treatment for hair that is boldly blonde or courageously white and grey".

This line of products for blonde, grey and white comprises two different shampoos for blonde hair, whether it is natural or colour-treated. These shampoos are designed for different tones of blonde hair. And specially formulated for white and grey hair, both natural and colour-treated there is a shampoo and balm.

The products contain light-reflecting pearl particles that diffuse light from all directions, giving an infinite amount of tones and incredible shine. Ceramide delivers strength and nourishment to the hair fibre to keep it compact and uniform and phyto-keratin, due to its incredibly similar structure to hair, which acts from within the fibre - giving a healthy and vibrant appearance.

To give your blonde, grey or white hair a revolutionary re- vamp pop into VISIT and purchase this great product today - we think you are going to love it!

"That's it" for now folks!

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