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"The Holy Grail For Hair Colour"


It just keeps getting better and better here at VISIT! First we introduced our Moroccan Oil Range, then came The Tan and now we are ultra happy to be adding “The Holy Grail For Hair Colour” to our ever - expanding repertoire.

Yes the revolutionary OLAPLEX product is here at VISIT!

If you have damaged hair you need OLAPLEX. This product is taking the hairdressing industry by storm and we feel so lucky to be able to offer this treatment to our valued customers. Hair colouring is transformed with this product! It helps rebuild and repair the broken disulphide bonds within the hair that are damaged by the colouring process or by using thermal heated tools. It is these bonds that give our hair it’s elasticity and strength. Using OLAPLEX as a stand alone treatment can repair your hair and by combining it with your colour treatment it will protect your hair during the process. It really is a win - win!

This new treatment is proving to be the latest thing among all the Hollywood A Listers. So if it is good enough for Hollywood it is definitely good enough for our fabulous customers!

Stand Alone OLAPLEX Treatment from €30.00

Treatment combined with Colour from €30.00 extra

Come VISIT For A Free Consultation.....

To book your OLAPLEX treatment or to find our more please call VISIT on (01) 287 2440 or email “Seeing…. & Feeling Is Believing”

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